About Us

Our mission is to introduce and educate the public about Bitcoin, help businesses get started accepting Bitcoin, and provide simple, fast, and secure ATM transactions.

Our Philosophy

Proponents of the free market, having honesty and integrity is vital to our business. We believe the technology behind Bitcoin has the potential to change the world for the better and we want to be the ones to put that technology in your hands.

Our Vision

Passion, location, and timing are our edge. There isn’t much “on the ground” Bitcoin education or advertising going on outside of Cambridge, MA. We plan to fill the void and provide a great service for our customers in the process.

Founder Nicholas Comjean

... got his start with cryptocurrency in 2015 when he mined his first Bitcoin. Since then he's gained experience with trading, hodling, explaining, and now distributing Bitcoin. Born in Massachusetts and raised on the internet, cutting edge technology and forward thinking have always played an important role in Nicholas's life. Looking forward, he hopes the passion he has for crypto will encourage others to join him in this exciting economic evolution.

Acton, MA